• Fiberglass for Pultrusion

    Fiberglass for Pultrusion

    (Fibra De Vidrio para pultrusionada) Brand: MAtex ( MAtex produces kinds of fiberglass material used for pultrusion profiles. 1) Direct Roving (Hilo de fibra de vidrio) 4400TEX, 4800TEX, 8800TEX 2) Stitched Mat Density: 300gsm, 450gsm 3) Polyester Vei...
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  • Pet Squeeze Net

    Pet Squeeze Net

    Brand: MAtex  ( We like to suggest a welcomed PET Squeeze Net for E-Composites, it nowadays has been widely used in pipe and tank Advantages: It been used by 2 steps during filament winding: 1)After pipe liner been made, for later 1 to 1.5mm pipe wall,...
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    Brand: MAtex ( MAtex supply Gelcoat FRP Panel. (Fibra De Vidrio Laminas, para: Carrocerías Refrigeradas) Glass fiber reinforced plastic plate, commonly known as FRP panel (Fibra De Vidrio Laminas), composed of resin, glass fiber and gelcoat, has a good ...
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  • Fiber Glass Woven Roving

    Fiber Glass Woven Roving

    Brand: MAtex ( E-Glass Woven Rovings (petatillo) are bidirectional fabric made by interweaving direct rovings. (fibra de vidrio) They are compatiable with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenlic resins. And they are a high-performance rein...
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  • Materials for FRP Panel

    Materials for FRP Panel

    Brand: MAtex ( MAtex Supply: fiberglass and resin for frp panel/frp sheet/roof tile (laminas de fibra de vidrio, lamina traslúcida, laminas transparentes) 1)Roving for FRP Panel ( B...
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  • Fiberglass Hot Melt Fabric

    Fiberglass Hot Melt Fabric

    Brand: MAtex  ( MAtex devote to offering fiberglass material to polymer concrete industries. Today we propose a new fiber fyi: Hot Melt fabric is made of fiber glass roving and hot melt yarn,open woven reinforcement that allows for excellent resin wet o...
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  • High Quatity Continous Filament Mat

    High Quatity Continous Filament Mat

    Brand: MAtex( MAtex produces Fiberglass near Shanghai since 2007, has been specializing in developing and production of: fiberglass textiles, mat and veil, is a scientific and technical fiberglass enterprise. Product Introduction: Continuous Filament Ma...
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  • Innovative Combine: Fiber+Veil

    Innovative Combine: Fiber+Veil

    Brand: MAtex ( Apply: fiberglass pultrusion (where extremely smooth surface and strength required) Advantages over traditional materials: 1)Without binder: guarantee thoroughly resin wet out 2)Without stitching PET yarn: as PET yarn can not compatible w...
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  • Fiberglass and Resin for Polyester Concrete

    Fiberglass and Resin for Polyester Concrete

    (fibra de vidrio and resinas, para concreto polimerico) Brand: MAtex ( MAtex offers fiberglass and resin for polymer concrete enclosure production(water drainage systems, polymer concrete enclosures, box, manhole, tapas, rejillas y canaletas de concre...
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  • Materials For FRP Planchas

    Materials For FRP Planchas

    Brand: MAtex  ( MAtex offer materials for FRP planchas, such as film, roving and resin. 1) PET Film: 19micron / 23micron / 25micron, 0.5m--2m roll wide ...
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  • Fiberglass and Resin for CIPP Liner

    Fiberglass and Resin for CIPP Liner

    Brand: MAtex ( MAtex produces Fiberglass for CIPP Liner, fiberglass for trenchless technology, pipe rehabilitation. 1) Woven Roving Combo Mat EWR600/M450, EWR600/M300, EWR800/M450... 2)...
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  • Materials For Pultrusion

    Materials For Pultrusion

    Materials For Pultrusion Brand: MAtex  ( MAtex is a professor in this field, pultrusion is a main industry we serves, we develops mats to improve profiles quality: surface / strength / corrosion-resistance.. 1) Fiber: Mats EMK450+Veil 45 / Fiber-Cored...
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